Manhattan Spreading Euonymus #5
Euonymus kiautschovicus Manhattan

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Manhattan Spreading Euonymus #5<br><i>Euonymus kiautschovicus Manhattan</br></i>
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Botanical Name: Euonymus kiautschovicus 'Manhattan'

A spectacular mounded garden shrub featuring dark green evergreen leaves, and a large spreading habit; pinkish fruit is showy in fall; an excellent accent for a wide variety of landscape applications.

Manhattan Spreading Euonymus will grow to be about 8 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 5 feet. It tends to fill out right to the ground and therefore doesn't necessarily require facer plants in front, and is suitable for planting under power lines. It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for approximately 30 years.
This shrub performs well in both full sun and full shade.

Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder

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