Nanking Cherry #5
Prunus tomentosa

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Botanical Name: Prunus tomentosa

This versatile tall and wide-spreading shrub is covered in showy light pink flowers in early spring before the leaves, followed by irresistably sweet bright red cherries, also interesting peeling reddish-brown bark; great as an accent or edible hedge. This is a self-pollinating variety, so it doesn't require a second plant nearby to set fruit.

Height:  8 feet
Spread:  10 feet
Sunlight:  full sun
Hardiness Zone:  2

Aside from its primary use as an edible, Nanking Cherry is sutiable for the following landscape applications; Mass Planting, Hedges/Screening, General Garden Use and Orchard/Edible Landscaping.

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Moana Lane, Moana Nursery & Florist
Pyramid Way, Moana Nursery
South Virginia St., Moana Nursery & Rock Store

Common Name
Nanking Cherry
# 5